Lockdown more intended to test writ of govt, rather than prevention of virus

CHITRAL: The eight day lock down has begun across Pakistan with full force. The government using the police and where needed the rangers is making sure that the closure orders are abided by.

The lockdowns may have much collateral advantage to the people in that the frantic buying spree which precedes every Eid has been checked this time, saving a lot of money for the general public who are pestered into frenzy buying (much of it useless) seeing others. On the other hand the shop keepers who though are very few in numbers compared to the general public are at a great loss.

Looking at the pattern of lockdown thus far, it is a  point to ponder whether the virus hibernates during weekdays when all the hustle bustle continues and only becomes active on weekends or after 6 O clock when the lock down is imposed. Hardly any mosque observes  the SOPs in letter and spirit. What about the virus there? Maybe that is not what the govt thinks either.

The imposition of lockdown seems an exercise by the government to test it’s writ which is weakening by the day. Show of force and authority from the government had become almost necessary as anarchic practices were increasing and a day would have come when chaos would have defeated the weak governance of the country. .. CN report, 08 May 2021

One thought on “Lockdown more intended to test writ of govt, rather than prevention of virus

  1. It makes no sense to chose some shops while let the others remain open..Corona does not differentiate between the type of shop or place of worship etc. However, looking at the positive side, keeping shops like clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup stuff etc shut, will help the average household save a lot.

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