Local Govts through ‘Meritocracy’

The prime minister has announced that Local Govts would be dissolved and bureaucrats would be appointed as administrators. The decision is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the form of democracy being practiced in Pakistan. The Parliament and provincial Assemblies think only they have the right to represent the people and those elected at the village level have no business in their democracy. Instead they think beurocrats appointed by them can do the job better.

Here is a golden opportunity to introduce ‘Meritocracy’ at the local Govt level. Applications should be invited from eligible people of the constituency for the posts of District, City Tehsil and union council Nazims and competitive exams should be held to select the best candidates for the respective jobs. This way you choose the most suitable and competent people for the job through open competition. Every one has an equal opportunity. No need to be rich, or be part of a mafia (party) to become a public representative.

If implemented, simple merit will rule the roost at the grass root level and thence travel upwards naturally. Let’s not be afraid to look out of the box -Let’s implement a system that is practical for us instead of following brand names blindly. This is a golden opportunity to replace flawed (and incorrigible) democracy with a fair, logical and futuristic system of ‘Meritocracy’, Lets not waste it.

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