Local Government system shows it’s efficacy in Chitral

Chitral?.. The local government system introduced by PTI in KPK province has shown it’s effectiveness at least in Chitral, in the current snowfall crisis. It is a treat to see pictures of different Nazims and Councillors on facebook, personally supervising the snow clearing operation in different parts of the district. It appears as if they are in a healthy competition of delivering service.
Had there been no Local government in place in the district, the task of supervision would have been in the hands of a few government officials who could not not have possibly done as much work as the many nazims/councillors have done.
If the Local Bodies system is given more authority and resources it can do much better in all spheres of governance and development.
In the age of devolution and enfranchisement it is only pertinent that the people are involved in their affairs right down to the grass root level and then only can democracy be called genuine. .. CN report, 12 Feb 2017.

One thought on “Local Government system shows it’s efficacy in Chitral

  1. A very pertinent issue raised here. Unfortunately kpk is the only province with some level of local government system and all the credit goes to PTI for devolving its power to the grass root.

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