Lie detectors need be installed in courts

CHITRAL:  The need for ensuring that parties involved in a legal case should speak the truth in front of the honourable courts while recording their evidences/statements is ever so much today, as was never before, and it should be the prime recommendation while considering Judicial reforms.

Unfortunately, it has been observed that people who otherwise are regular prayer goers and who apparently observe all the rituals of Islam, resort to telling blatant lies in front of the courts despite taking an oath to tell ‘the truth and nothing but the truth’.

As moral decadence is at its abyss in our society and depending on people to being honest by nature is not working, therefore scientific methods must be used to discourage them from telling lies. Modern lie detectors should be installed in the courtrooms to make the job of the honourable judges easy in dispensing judgement.

It is also recommended that the Quranic ayat “لعنت اللہ الا لکازبین” (Curse of Allah be upon liers -Al Quran) be posted as a prominent banner outside each court room from the primary courts to the highest court. Although not much is expected from the determined liers to heed to the Quranic ayat, but at least they will read the ayat before entering the court for giving evidences/statements. Further recommendation is that if a lie/blatant exaggeration is proven in the court, then punitive punishment must be awarded to the culprits under section 419 and 420 PPC, so that it proves as an example and a detriment to those who bank on false statements and evidences despite taking an oath on the Holy Quran.. .. CN report, 13 Jul 2021

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