“Let Justice be done, may the heavens fall”

Words of the Chief Justice of Pakistan come as a breath of fresh air in a suffocatingly uncertain environment in Pakistan. The bold declaration at a time when the law of the jungle seems increasingly taking hold in this country is certainly a shot of encouragement in the arms of the silent majority.

Human society is all about justice. Justice differentiates humans from other lower beings. It is the absense of Justice that leads to the decay of a nation. Whether corruption, insecurity, despondency, extremism, militancy, suicide culture all are an out come of lack of Justice in the society. The hall mark of the golden era of Islam was the presence of a pure and infallible justice system overseering every one including the Caliph of the time.

In the second world war when Germany was triumphantly advancing towards Britain trampling Poland on it’s way, the British cabinet met to review the situation and consider whether to lay down arms or fight on. Churchill asked his cabinet colleagues about the condition of judicial institutions and dispensation of justice to which they all replied that justice was being honestly dispensed in the courts, on which Churchill said “then we can fight on”. The result is history.

If today, the Chief Justice of Pakistan is saying “Let Justice be dispensed though the heavens may fall”, he is only saying what a chief justice should say. Justice knows no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, no compromises and reconciliations. If a nation cannot stand up to justice, it does not deserve to survive.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan’s judicial reforms are markedly visible. Cases lingering on in courts for decades are being dispensed in months. The earlier culture of ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied ‘ has changed to a ‘justice hurried is Injustice buried’ scenario. May God help the Chief Justice of Pakistan. May God put Pakistan on the right track.

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