Lesson for the world from Ramazan

Every year a quarter of the world’s population following the Muslim faith undergo a month long strict regime of discipline and abstinence. The month of Ramazan as ordained for the followers of the Muslim faith, has lessons in it for the entire population of the earth. Spiritual aspect aside, which only concerns the Muslim faith, the discipline it instills in the people can be taken as a lesson to reorganise the way mankind as a whole lives on this planet.

Nature had created day and night for specific purposes. Daylight for living and developing whereas night time was meant for resting and sleeping. Over the ages, man has developed unnatural and unhealthy habits of interfering with nature’s original plans and thus creating problems for himself.

If, according to the dictates of Ramazan, human beings wake up at dawn and go about their daily chores and compulsorily retire to bed at dusk, many self created problems being encountered today can be done away with. Early morning freshness and creativity of the mind, can help man think and do positive things, as against worked up minds at dusk. Mornings are glorious and God’s gift to the world welcomed by even birds singing and the air showing it’s crispiness, but how we waste our mornings by sleeping through them.

Re engineering of our lives according to the rules of nature is the requirement of the time and mankind can surely benefit if it goes back into the arms of it’s mother- nature.

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