Lawyers protest manhandling of colleague by court bailiff

Chitral — District Bar Association announced boycott of court proceedings until a staff of the judiciary namely Islamuddin was suspended and inquiry against him ordered. The accused person had manhandled a lawyer Altaf Gohar Advocate within the court premises which aroused the wrath of the lawyer community. The resolution of the District Bar Association headed by Sajidullah Advocate demanded suspension and trial of the accused person. — GH Farooqui, 12 Jun 2017

One thought on “Lawyers protest manhandling of colleague by court bailiff

  1. Good to Mr. GH Farooqui for highlighting the untoward incidence that happened with a respected lawyer in court premises and also good to lawyers Bar for protest. Such like untoward incidence was also happened with another senior lawyer in court premises when some supporters of a party in a case attached a lawyer of opposite party.

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