Laspur residents hospitality puts Muree locals to shame

CHITRAL: A couple of years back when tourists were trapped in Murree snow, horrifying tales of inhuman and callous attitude of the locals came up, leading to a countrywide protest and boycotting Murree visits.

In comparison, this year tourists were trapped in Laspur area due to flash floods, but they found a different kind of people there. The locals not only consoled the travellers but opened their homes for the families and feted them as welcome guests instead of exploiting the situation and extracting money from the helpless travellers.

Laspur people are known to be brave forthright and hospitable since long. The late Gul Wali Khan (Baba e Laspur) was best example of these traits. Now his son Amirullah Yaftali along with the family and all residents of Laspur, young and old have proven that they still uphold the values .. Kudos to Laspriks, Kudos to Chitralis (in this respect at least) .. CN report, 07 July 2022

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