Landmark decision: Govt allows use of hemp for medicinal purposes.

CHITRAL: In a landmark decision the government has issued licenses for the use of hemp to the Ministry of Science and technology and PCSIR, for medicinal and industrial purposes. This news has been broken by Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudry in a tweet. Many European countries, the USA and Australia now allow the use of cannabis for medicinal, even recreational purposes.

It may be noted that Chitral has been a producer of the best quality of hemp and Cannabis since long until it was banned. During the early 70’s when hippies would visit Chitral in large numbers , their main interest would be the high quality chars grown in the district particularly in the upper parts. In the underworld drug markets of Amsterdam then, ‘Chitral white’ was a more pricey variety among the varieties available.

The decision of the government to allow hemp would place Pakistan in the multi billion dollar CBD market. .. CN report, 01 Sept 2020.

3 thoughts on “Landmark decision: Govt allows use of hemp for medicinal purposes.

  1. Pakistan was a better place when hashish and Alcohol was legal. There was less of hypocrisy, less extremism, less greed for money, less forgery, etc and there were no chemical drugs like heroin, ice, etc etc.. The rut started when Prime minister ZA Bhutto banned alcohol in 1976 in a blatant display of hypocrisy. After that is a serial of our moral decadence. The present govt’s decision to legalise hemp is just ok. Specially when the west has accepted it, even for recreational purposes.

  2. Truly a landmark decision and the young Minister of Science deserves to be appreciated for the 2 wonderful jobs- science based calendar and now this, to take advantage of this growing demand. More than 50 countries have legalized some form of medical cannabis and some allow for adult use. Our two neighbors- india and china make billions of dollars from it every year. Any way the plant grows in the wild in many places through out the country, the climate and soil make it a high quality cannabis. This is such a useful plant where all the three parts- stem, leaf and seed are used for value added products. At this time, the govt has allowed controlled growing in three locations. Very soon this will be allowed for the growers to grow, upon obtaining some kind of license. By that time the PTI leadership in Chitral should convince the relevant authorities to get their shares in all the 3 processes – cultivation, processing, and extraction.

  3. This is truly a landmark decision to allow the production of hemp for medicinal purposes and pakistan has the potential of earning billions of much needed foreign exchange. The (in)famous chitrali organic hemp will attract more rich customers if licenses are issued to private growers to allow them to grow this precious product for medicinal use and to improve their economic status. The most pious among us who have turned the entire society into hypocrites have begun resisting the decision on the pretext to safeguard the society which in fact they have degraded to the best of their capability all this time

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