Lady, sole party leader to speak up for Musharraf

Chitral — After APML Chitral leaders hosting PM Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Chitral and praising Nawaz Sharif as the new ‘Mohsin e Chitral’, the earlier ‘Mohsin e Chitral’s party workers and leaders have kept mum over the issue. However, one Taqdeera Khan the women leader of Musharraf’s party has come up with a press release denouncing the abandoning of Musharraf by his party men and reiterating her support for Musharraf.

The inability of Chitralis to stand fast and sacrifice for principles in the face of odds and difficulties has been tested time and again.

Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah, a 63 year old former fighter pilot, talking to CN narrated an incident . He said about two years back while travelling through the lowari tunnel in winter, the tunnel managers deliberately allowed a defective truck without lights to enter the tunnel in the lead followed by hundreds of passenger vehicles carrying old, sick, women and children.. The truck broke down and blocked the tunnel mid way causing suffocation by emission of diesel from hundreds of vehicles. There was panic rush by passengers to get out of the tunnel on foot. He said during the panic exodus, he saw an elderly person fall down and his companion a younger person abandoned him and continued with his own journey. “I helped him up held his hand and with the help of God we both barely managed to reach the opening side” he said. During the travail some pathan truck drivers offered help to carry the old man on their back, but it did not become inevitable”, Fardad said.

“This is just one episode and I have many examples to narrate about the frailty of our people” sighed a dissapointed former?pilot. He said he does not like mentioning such things, rather feels extremely depressed doing so, but want’s Chitralis to mend their fundamental characteristics, whether they be leaders or followers. — CN report, 09 Sep 2016.

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