Labour, a commodity hard to find in Chitral

Chitral — Manual labourers both unskilled and skilled are becoming a scarcity in Chitral with every passing day. Labour requiring hard physical toil is unpopular with local population and young men from southern?districts particularly from Dir, Bajaur and Mardan are seen toiling at almost every construction site. These labourers and their fellow contractors who control them, are very straight and honest when they first come to Chitral but with passage of time after seeing the simplicity of the locals they become crooks?and start telling lies and cheating. The contractors grab job orders simultaneously at several?places and then keep hopping from one site to the other keeping all their ‘victims’ in a limbo.
It is very important that Chitrali youth be indoctrinated to take up skills related to construction ?especially, like masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and even manual unskilled labour for those uneducated young people who roam about aimlessly and waste their time waiting for some ‘mohsin e chitral’ to come and give them ‘free lunch’. — CN report, 20 Nov 2016.

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