KPK govt wants Character Building Societies in schools!

Chitral .. The National Accountability Bureau KPK has tasked the district education officers to issue instructions to schools to set up a Character Building Society in each school. The objective/scope/modus operandi of these societies is yet to be publicised. .. CN report, 05 Dec 2017

One thought on “KPK govt wants Character Building Societies in schools!

  1. I fail to understand the wisdom of KP govt in setting up a society for character building.
    Society is an optional leisure time pursuit. Societies in schools and colleges are set up for purposes such as a dramatics society, music society, debating society, sports society etc. Are we bringing character building to this level.
    Character building is a basic sacred duty of institutions and should be treated as such with books on Character building and moral science included as compulsory subjects in the course and specially included in Islamiat books.
    Religious teachers should be instructed to lay special stress on character building on priority basis.
    Hope the govt will get serious on this issue instead of setting up ‘societies’.

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