KP govt’s new welfare scheme needs revisiting

The government of KP has introduced a new public welfare scheme. According to this scheme if the sole bread owner of a family is admitted to hospital, the govt will take care of his/her dependents till the time the person remains admitted. No doubt the reform may be well intended, but here, there are serious reservations about it’s practicability and sustainability.

welfareI’m afraid this will open another gate for financial corruption. In a country where thousands of people are illegally and immorally drawing pensions every month in the name of their deceased relatives with the connivance of the disbursing staff, and we have not been able to check that, what guarantee is there that people will not feign illness and get admitted (on paper) to hospitals with ‘blessings’ of doctors and draw this welfare money. It is happening in every field unfortunately where oppurtunity is given and it will surely happen here also.

Why is the government planning on selective and half baked welfare schemes? It is impracticable and ultimately unfair. Unhealthy schemes like BISP are examples of selective welfare schemes which have failed badly and have played their role in turning the people into ‘sarkari’ beggars. The PTI govt can do much better. It should think about collective welfare schemes and lift up the people, not take pity on them in making them sick per se and then ‘caring’ for them. — CN Editorial, Chitral 03 Sep 2016

One thought on “KP govt’s new welfare scheme needs revisiting

  1. “It is easy to open a shop but difficult to keep it open” — Chinese proverb. This program may not be sustainable even for reasons other than corruption. We cannot copy Sweden or Norway, with conditions that exist in Pakistan.

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