KP govt to construct international cricket stadium in Kalam while Chitral cries for basic roads

CHITRAL: The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to construct a cricket stadium in remote Kalam valley of Swat district at a cost of Rs 607 million. Ridiculous as it seems, when other districts of the province like the two districts of Chitral are begging for provision of basic road facilities, so much of money is being squandered into a cricket stadium and that too at a place which remains desolated for eight months in a year due to extreme cold weather there. Cricket is a receding sport and less and less people are interested in it with every passing day. In Chitral, cricket has almost given way to football. The KP govt should reconsider spending public money on useless pursuits and diligently consider to distribute funds equally and fairly among the districts to be used for practical and useful projects. .. CN report, 16 Oct 2020

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