KP govt allocates Rs. 5 billion for tourism promotion

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), in its financial bill 2019-20, has allocated a hefty amount of Rs. 5 billion for promotion of tourism in the province.

A spokesman of Tourism Department told this to Radio Pakistan during a brief interview

Out of Rs. 5 billion, Rs. 3.5 billion will be spent on developing tourists? resorts across the province.

He added that Rs. 100 million will be used to establish tourism police in collaboration with the government of Thailand.

Rafting in River Kunhar. Via Tourism Corporation KPK

The spokesman said that the government?s core focus is on tourism as it can help boost the socio-economic conditions of the province as well as the country.

Successful Tourism Policy

The KP government?s efforts to promote regional tourism bore fruits when it welcomed a record two million tourists in just four days of Eid vacations earlier this month.

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Almost 2 million tourists visited kp which is really great. Govt will play its part of providing security ,basic infrastructure,private sector its own and tourists have to keep the area clean for our next generation to en

An Honest Effort

KP government has been working hard to promote tourism. Just recently, senior provincial minister Atif Khan, who also handles tourism, announced the launch of a special helicopter service to facilitate the tourists in reaching the far-flung destinations.

Not only are they exploring new tourist attractions in the province, but they?re also working on establishing religious tourism trails.

KP government?s efforts have also received a boost by the new visa regime introduced just last month. The country is expected to attract more and more tourists and backpackers with relaxed visa rules and an improved law and order situation. .. Source

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