Kitchen gardening:The answer to exorbitant vegetable prices

CHITRAL: The current sky bound hike in vegetable prices all over Pakistan opens up a golden chance to think about kitchen gardening in every home, to become less dependent on mafias that hike prices of these everyday kitchen items at will. Not going into the reasons why such manipulation is done, most houses in Pakistan and more so in Chitral have a small lawn or terrace which is hardly used other than growing grass or a putting a few pots of flowers. Though grass and flowers are a blessing to have, but when a person is hard pressed in buying vegetables and salads at extremely high prices as it is today, it would be wise to convert some part of the lawns into vegetable areas where the most essential and easily grown vegetables can be cultivated. Even the terraces and roof tops can be used to grow vegetables in earthen pots without much fuss. The vegetables would not only serve kitchen needs of the house but are also aesthetically pleasant and healthy additions to the environment of the house. Hope the government encourages kitchen gardening in homes to beat the ever increasing prices of basic vegetables. .. CN report, 25 Nov 2019

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