Karachi second-largest consumer of cannabis in the world

Karachi, Pakistan?s largest city and the financial hub of the country, is known for many things from the city of lights to a melting pot but now it can add another feather to its illustrious cap ? the second-biggest consumer of cannabis on Earth.

According to the?ABCD 2018 Cannabis Price Index?by Statista, in terms of cannabis consumption, it isn?t Amsterdam that has the largest consumption but New York with 77.44 metric tonnes of cannabis consumed and Karachi is at second in terms of cannabis consumption ? including hashish ? at 41.95 metric tonnes or 41,950 kilograms.Just behind Karachi is New Dehli at 38.26 metric tonnes and Amsterdam where the cannabis is quite a hit, it isn?t even in the top 10.

Cannabis consumption is still illegal in the country but it is said to be used for recreational activities. .. Source

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