Kalash summer festival ‘Ochal’ begins in Rumbur


Chitral — The four day Kalash summer festival ‘Ochal’ began in Rumbur and will conclude at midnight 23 Aug in Bumburet. The festival is a thanks giving event after the cattle return from summer pastures. The shepherds distribute cheese and milk products amongst the villagers, while the finest piece of cheese is presented at the altar of ‘Malosh’ their chief diety also known as ‘sajigor’ in Rumbur and ‘Mahadev’ in Bumburet. During this festival the Kalash bid farewell to all mourning that were being observed so far and they do this with the beat of drums and dancing. This year although the Kalash faced cross border terrorism but appeared somewhat solaced after five terrorists were killed by the law enforcing agencies. — Muhkamuddin, Chitral.

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