Kalash funeral amidst sorrow and celebration

CHITRAL: Death rituals of the Kalash tribe have always been different and fascinating for the onlookers and observers. Earlier in times the Kalash did not bury their dead but kept them in wooden caskets made from walnut wood, in the most beautiful spot of the area. The personal belongings and even food supposed to be used by the deceased were kept along side the dead boy in the box. However, the traditions have since changed and the Kalash do not leave the coffin caskets in the open now.

Funeral of Kalash notable Amadan Shah

Death rituals of a Kalash notable namely Amadan Shah, has been described by a senior journalist Muhkamuddin Ayuni who is considered an authority on Kalash valley affairs in Chitral.

Amadan Shah Kalash of Rumbur was the husband of Social activist Shahi Gul and maternal uncle of Lakshan Bibi. Mourners from all the three Kalash valleys had gathered in Rumbur to participate in the ritual. Women doffed their headware in mourning and chanted songs of praise for the deceased. The religious head recalled and eulogized the achievements of the dead person.

The visitors were fed generously by the family of the deceased. As per the report, 30 goats, one cow, 100 kilos of desi ghee, 120 kilos cheese, beside other food items were consumed costing an estimated amount of Rs 1.3 million.

As per tradition, widow of the deceased will have to face certain restrictions for sometime, which include denial of access to certain pats of the house, etc. .. CN report, 27 Dec 2020

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