Kalash festival concludes amidst traditional fervour

Chitral: The annual spring festival of the Kalash tribe homed in the three castaway valleys of Chitral district in northern Pakistan, concluded with traditional fervour and fanfare. Many tourist both local and foreign visited the valleys for the festival, despite the month of Ramazan which is strictly followed in Chitral. A number of tourists talking to this scribe said they were pleased to witness a safe and amicable atmosphere in the area and in Pakistan as a whole. They said negative propaganda against Pakistan as being full of terrorists is unfortunate as people here are most friendly and guest loving. They said? the Kalash are a treasure for Pakistan’s tourism and must be looked after seriously.? .. GH Farooqi, 17 May 2019

One thought on “Kalash festival concludes amidst traditional fervour

  1. How much did the government support to promote the festival …… such festivals should be promoted locally and internationally, entrance to kalash villages should have charges, ,which should create profits for the local village administration. The local kalash people should be educated/trained in extracting maximum profits from tourist activity in their village rather than only taking pictures and dancing. Creative ideas can be used by locals to generate profit for themselves whilst entertaining tourists.

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