Kalash elders become Muslims

kalsahChitral — Two elderly persons of Kalash tribe announced their conversion to Islam. In first case, an octogenarian Kalash named Lakbal from Anizh village declared himself Muslim at the Chitral Bazar Mosque. His family members had earlier converted to Islam and he was the last remaining. Molana Alhilal administered the religious oath and ritual to him. His muslim name became Iqbal.  In the second case another elder Kasim from Brun Bumburet announced his conversion to Islam at Ayun Eidgah. He was named Qasim. Molana Kamaluddin administered the change over of faith ritual. The Molana said minorities have rights and we must guard them while also try to guide them and care for their after life.
Kalash youngsters have been relinquishing their religion frequently but this was the first time when octogenarians decided to do so. The Kalash tribe now reduced to 3500 persons is a fast dwindling specie and no surprise if after a few decades they disapear into oblivion and appear in history books chapters only — Muhkam Ayuni, 16 Sep 2016.

5 thoughts on “Kalash elders become Muslims

  1. خدا کے لیے ان لوگوں کو زندہ رہنے دو پہلے جو مسلمان ہیں انکو تو مسلمان کرو . بیچارے چند ہزار کلش ہیں انکی پیچے پری ہوائی ہیں یہ مولوی

  2. What a shame. The pressure from the hostile Muslim society around them has left them little choice. What will Muslims gain by converting a mere 3000 people? That too of a people who are our identity and recognition all over the world. We need to educate our people about the worth of our Kalash heritage and what little remains of it. The Kalash are a beautiful representation of what Chitral looked like for millenia. The hateful dashamanan are a grim representation of what Chitral will look like of we keep on the path of intolerance.

  3. @Basit Ali, not shame but pride here. The Chitrali society has been extremely tolerant with the kalash minority over the centuries. If the Kalash were located among any other society in Pakistan, they would have long been forced to relinquish their religion, but in Chitral we are still living together. The dashmanan of Chitral may be anything but are not intolerant. If a Kalsh wishes to join Islam, they have to perform the ceremony butt they have never forced any Kalash to become musalman.

    1. The Kalash are not living together, they are living under Chitrali Muslims. There is a clear difference. Do you really think that teenage girls really have the intellect at that age to realize that Islam is the right religion for them? You were a teenager at one point and you know fully well that that is when a person is at their most vulnerable and easily manipulated. Why do you think so many suicide bombers are teenage boys? There are numerous videos of the newly converted Kalash to Islam speaking in a very harsh language against their brethren. There my not be a use of direct force against the Kalash right now but there is intimidation and indirect pressure. Just because they don’t speak up doesn’t mean nothing is wrong. They don’t speak up because they fear for their lives.
      You claim that the dashmanan of Chitral are tolerant. Please don’t insult our intelligence by saying that. If they are so tolerant, then why did they always curse Ismailis and Kalash from their loud speakers during Jumma Khutba until musharraf banned it?

  4. کیہ ریکو بشان تین ..کیہ ریلیک بوئی .. دشمانو کوروم .. حقو چے باطل و فرقو لوو دوئی ، ہے بچن ہاسے سبق رے اسور ..

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