Journalist moves court for help in lodging FIR against doctors

Chitral: Senior Journalist, Gul Hammad Farooqui has moved district and session court to lodge report against doctors and Medical Director Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) for their criminal negligence leading to death his son, Muhammad Farhan.

Lawyer of the petitioner, Mohib Ullah Terichvi has submitted a complaint to District and Session Judge seeking justice demanding lodging of FIR against the doctors of Surgical A Unit Hayatabad Medical Complex and Medical Director, for their negligence. Petitioner contended that owing to negligence and non professional behavior on part of the doctors and hospital staff his son lost battle for life due to a condition that was curable if treated on time.

Petitioner accused that doctors turned a blind eye to their responsibilities and delayed the operation of Muhammad Farhan leading to his untimely death in a blooming age of 13 years.

Earlier the journalist has submitted written applications to concern SHOs as well as to IGP, Health authorities and concerned police officers but failed to get justice. After facing nonchalance and indifferent attitude of authorities the senior journalist submitted written application to court for due assistance in lodging FIR under 22-A CrPC against the doctor for dereliction of duties in the serious case that cause death of a boy who would have been saved if given treatment on time. — CN report,18 Nov 2016.

2 thoughts on “Journalist moves court for help in lodging FIR against doctors

  1. Dear Sir, thank you for publishing this story. Actually I am crusading against these cruel doctors who neglect poor patients in hospitals. I appeal to all general public to help and support me in this good work to teach a lesson to these doctors who have become money earning machines and never think about lives and health of poor patients.

  2. I would like to express my heart felt condolence with Mr Gul Hammad Farooqui on the sad demise of his dear son Muhammad Farhan. It is a matter of great concern that the Doctors have totally forgotten the importance of their noble profession due to emerging selfishness and personal interest. The Y.D.A. has particularly played a vital role to disrupt the entire system of health units and hospitals in the country. The Y.D.A has trotted down the values of humanitarianism.
    In my opinion, the government should seriously consider to declare the Doctors service as”Emergency Service” and preferably arrange to ban the Y.D.A. in the larger interest of the people. The Doctors have absolutely lost the respect of the people. It is further suggested that the FIR against the concerned responsible Doctors be registered to proceed against under criminal code.

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