Italy shows interest in development of Chitral

ItalyChitral — At a press conference in Chitral, visiting director of Italian development cooperation, Domenico Bruzzone, said Italy is interested in providing funds for the development of Chitral, particularly the Kalash valleys and protection of environmental damage. He was accompanied by consultant of Italian embassy, Paola Manfredi, who also stressed upon the need to protect the cultural heritage of Chitral. She said because the people were unaware of the importance of cultural and environmental heritage, they were damaging it for paltry financial benefits.  Maria Victoria, An expert on ancient monuments, was also among those present at the press conference. — CN report, 31 Aug 2016

2 thoughts on “Italy shows interest in development of Chitral

  1. Italians should keep a good check on their money to see whether it is being spent on the purpose for which it was given or is it going into the pockets of few.

  2. Italians are already engaged in development of Chitral and they have extended funds to eradicate poverty in three Union councils of Chitral i.e., Ayun, Drosh I and Drosh II. Program for Poverty Reduction (PPR) is directly benefiting 6744 HH through capacity building trainings in Drosh I and Drosh II in partnership with Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP)

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