Ismaili volunteers repair roads in Booni Chitral

CHITRAL:? When roads get damaged due to land erosion or more so due to poor quality of initial construction, no one pays heed to it by way of repairing these damaged roads. The most people do is appeal to the MPA and MNA to repair the roads for them and this does not happen and the people of the area continue suffering from these damaged and pot-hole littered roads.

This time however the Ismaili community of Booni in line with celebrating the second anniversaryof the visit of HH Prince Karim Aga Khan to the area, showed a positive attitude and set an example whereby volunteer youth from the community took up upon themselves to raper the roads. It took only a few days and the roads have become usable and much better.? Otherwise it would have been lying in this condition for years and people continuously cursing MPA and MNA and the government.

The gleaming lesson learnt from this exercise by Ismaili volunteers is that “where there is a will, there is a way”, and that instead of looking towards the government and NGOs for everything, people should fold up their sleeves pick up their spades and shovels and get about doing the work.. and success will follow. ‘uth baand kamar kia drta hai, phir dekh khuda kia kerta hai’.? ?.. CN report, 10 Dec 2019

4 thoughts on “Ismaili volunteers repair roads in Booni Chitral

  1. The spirit of volunteerism and repair of roads on self-help basis is highly appreciable but an eye must be kept on the C&W department so that they do not show this voluntary work in their official files to have been done by the department and pocket the budget meant for the repair of the road. This kind of embezzlement of public funds by the department has taken place in the past where community has restored the damaged roads and the repair fund pocketed by the officials.

  2. Volunteerism is a positive development and should be aggressively promoted in the society. However it should be a continuous process instead of being a one time phenomenon attached with a particular occasion like visit anniversary of the Imam, etc.

  3. Thanks dear editor, work for humanity and not expect credits is a norm of vibrant civil society..working for our homeland is part and a foremost obligation of every citizen of this country..we feel proud and gratifying when some on comes forward and help the society to solve some of the problem we face on daily bases..much more is expected from the volunteers in the days to come….

  4. Great job our volunteers. We cordially respect your work. This is key guidance of our Imam to help and serve humanity with peace in the area we live. This outstanding work is the reflection of birth day of our beloved Imam Shah Karim AlHussaini Aga Khan. I pray May Allah bless you all and give you rewards for this hard work and khidmat.

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