‘Islamic Republic’ of Pakistan has highest corruption rate, Why?

Chitral: It is a pity that a country that was created in the name of Islam and whose capital is named ‘Islamabad’ has the highest rate of corruption in the region and one of the highest in the world. It’s sister country India was created on the same day on a secular foundation and despite having diverse geography, ethnicity and grave problems like Kashmir, Khalistan, etc, it is still better than

Why? Why? Why? !

Pakistan in it’s economic standing. All? of it’s economic indicators are healthier than those of Pakistan. It’s currency is 2.7 times stronger than Pakistan and it’s per capita income and other economic indicators are much better. Even Bangla Desh which was considered a sick and weak part of Pakistan till the time it was a part of this country, is now much healthier economically since their separation.

Why after all has this happened?. Is it because we have been nurturing a narrative of Islam in this ‘Islamic Republic’ which has glaringly been lenient on scruples and financial corruption, rather to the extent of tacitly encouraging financial corruption? Well, this is the only thing different between Pakistan, India and Bangladesh which originated from same stem but are now placed differently on the scale as far as economic health is concerned. .. CN report, 17 Jul 2019

2 thoughts on “‘Islamic Republic’ of Pakistan has highest corruption rate, Why?

  1. Why are you only saying financial corruption. We are no less in moral corruption too. Look at the videos of Judges that have been made and preserved to blackmail these judges.. Does it happen any where else?

  2. The question every person of integrity needs to answer is why call this part of the world “Pakistan” and then defame Islaam by calling it Islaamic Republic?
    To claim this part of the world to be Pakistan there should be proof to substantiate that claim. No one becomes a Jew, Christian, a Muslim or belonging to any other religion by merely keeping a name or making a claim to be so. No one.
    Wherever Udl wul Ehsaan is scarce in thoughts, words and practices of the people, Muslims are scarce there. Pakistan can never exist in a place where Muslims are scarce.
    Every person of integrity will say that this part of the world is neither Pakistan nor has anything to do with Islam.
    Very sorry to reveal this Truth.

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