Is Patriotism of Pakistanis merely a hollow slogan?

Chitral: Pakistan is a country which probably has the most patriotic songs found anywhere. On every big and small occasion, children are lined up in national dress and made to chant anthems oozing with patriotism. On military parades nothing but patriotism is witnessed and the whole nation is radiating patriotism. For an onlooker it seems Pakistanis are the most patriotic people on earth.

However when it comes to give practical sacrifice for the country by the common man, all the patriotism vanishes. A case in point is the current devaluation of the Pakistani rupee. The moment government announced a devaluation of the currency, there was a panic to sell the rupee and buy dollars. The frantic rush to abandon own currency clearly showed no-confidence in the Pakistani money and the economy. Where goes the spirit of patriotism on such occasions?. Is chanting patriotic songs enough to show patriotism or more is required to prove it?.

In turkey when the US attacked the Lira, the Turkish people embraced their weak currency over the powerful dollar. The dollar was abandoned by the people not their own currency. This made the dollar to retreat and the Lira came back in strength.

When will Pakistanis learn to act upon their claims and slogans, whether it be in terms of patriotism or even in religious matters. .. CN report, 21 May 2019

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