Institutional corruption highest in Pakistan

CHITRAL: In Pakistan, corruption is not only present in the form of illegal and under the table financial transactions, but we can find corruption virtually legalised in many institutions and departments.

The 15 percent commision deducted from contractors by the C&W department while paying bills to contractors is prevailing since begining and even Ziaul Haq with his Martial Law had put up his hands acknowleding his inabilitry to get rid of this corruption. Similarly there are declared unlawful commissions extracted by different departmentments with impunity and have become a norm.

The current cabinet size of the government is a glaring example of institutional corruption under a legal cover. What business does Pakistan have, to constitute the biggest cabinet in any country ( over 100 members) when we are reeling under debt and at the brink of bankruptcy  .. CN report, 24 Oct 2022

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