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France has the privilege of being the first country to ban plastic cups,plates and cutlery,according to a law passed by the French government coming into effect begining 2020.

…? Pine nut (Jalghoza) has become so expensive in Pakistan that dacoits raided a warehouse in South Waziristan and fled away with bags of jalghozas at value over 12 million rupees. However, the heist did not last long as next day police recovered sacks of the precious commodity from a house and arrested the culprits.

On his deathbed in 1883, Karl Marx was solicited for final words. His reply, before breathing his last, was to wheeze out: ?Go on! Get Out! Last words are for fools who haven?t said enough!?

…? Of all time richest people ever to have lived on this earth the name of Mansa Musa, the Muslim ruler of? West Africa in the 14th century, ranks highest according to historians. His wealth was incalculable in terms of Gold.

…? Contrary to the common belief of fruit juice being good for health, it could be even worse than drinking cola and lemonade, US research suggests. The study of 13,000 adults found that a 12 oz glass of juice a day could increase the risk of early death by almost a quarter.

…? In about 20 years, the future could look eerie as?40 percent of human jobs could be replaced by equally-capable robots. And, drivers might be affected the most.

…? An average person’s heart beats 101,000 times a day. During a lifetime it will beat three billion times.

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