Individuals matter more than institutions in Pakistan!

.. by Siraj Ul Mulk

CHITRAL: Individuals matter more than institutions in Pakistan!  This is a sad fact. No where is this more visible than in remote places like Chitral. Especially if the individual happens to be the DC, the DPO or the Commandant of Chitral Scouts. Individuals ride over their institutions with ease. Institutions cannot bridle their runaway individual heads.

So we see good individuals using the strength of their institution for the greater good of the people of the area as well as we see bad individuals benefitting only themselves at the cost of their institution and the people of the area.

These days a Deputy Commissioner has been posted to Chitral who has his heart in the right place. His name is Imran Khan. Before he joined civil service he was a professor. His passion for teaching becomes visible to you the moment you meet him. He listens to you, assesses your needs and your weaknesses and then takes pleasure in guiding you on the right path.

On his second day of posting as DC of the district Imran Khan entered a local college of Chitral and, to the surprise of the staff and students of the college, he gave a lesson in English in one of their class rooms.

Ever since he has not looked back and taken many classes in the middle and high schools of his district.
When Chitral experienced its heaviest ever snowfall two weeks ago Imran Khan was in the forefront of most of the rescue work in waist deep snow. His photos carrying children across broken down roads have become viral and need to be kept as a record for future DC’s to emulate in similar conditions.

Why am I writing the above? Yes I am thoroughly impressed by this young man who laughs loudly, takes no nonsense from his conniving subordinates and yet loves the people of Chitral like only a handful of his predecessors have been able to show us. His three best friends are socially awkward youths only because they were born with physical disabilities. Any one or all of these three can at all times be seen with him. They are the only ones who can enter his office and also his secluded home at will and without permission.

Yes I am thoroughly impressed by this man but I write this more out of fear. The fear that his short term of a few months in Chitral may come to an abrupt end due to the present change in government.

I have great regard for our present Chief Secretary and Chief Minister. I know both of them well but I feel that my feeble voice from distant Chitral may get to them too late. If any of my readers know them better I appeal to you to request them not to take Imran Khan from us. Tell them that they too will definitely need people like him to manage their manifestos to their satisfaction and the satisfaction of the people of our district. They may not be able to give us much under the prevailing circumstances but they must not take away Imran Khan from us. .. Siraj Ul Mulk, Chitral 13 Mar 2024

2 thoughts on “Individuals matter more than institutions in Pakistan!

  1. While we take no time to criticize some official who is doing wrong, which is a good thing, but then it is only fair to express appreciation for the one who is doing well, provided it is based on merit. In this case it can be believed to be on merit as it is coming from Siraj sahib.

  2. DC Imran is really an officer of exceptional qualities.We wish his longer tenure here.
    Zahiruddin, Chitral

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