Indian woman warmly welcomed in Kalash region

.. by Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Indian woman Fatima (formerly Anju) and husband Nasrullah of Upper Dir district got a warm welcome on arrival in Kalash valleys of Rumbur and Bumburate here on Saturday.

Video clips and pictures of the couple’s visit to the region went viral on social media.

Fatima mingled with Kalash women and children, and other people.

Wearing the traditional Kalash clothes, she along with her husband posed for photographs and videos with the tiny community’s women in several villages.

The Indian woman also visited the Kalash dancing area charsu in villages, went to the houses of Kalash people, and took keen interest in their culture as they’re considered to be the descendants of Alexander the Great.

She appreciated the natural beauty of Kalash region in particular and that of Chitral in general and declared it unexampled.

Fatima praised Kalash people for their hospitality, declared them the”real icons” of the area, and called forthe preservation of their unique culture and lifestyle.

She said she knew about the tiny community for a long time and strongly wanted to see it.

“I found Kalash people to be beautiful, peaceful and gullible as I heard about them before coming to Pakistan to marry in Upper Dir district, which is adjacent to Chitral,” she said.

The Indian woman called the roads leading to Kalash valleys dangerous and said their users were vulnerable to accidents.

She said while coming to Kalash valleys from Ayun village through mountains by road, a sense of fear gripped her.  .. Source

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