Independence day reflections

Dear Sir,

First of all I wish to congratulate my fellow country men on the Occasion of 69th Independence day. Having said that, I’m pondering today as to what kind of independence do we have on this day. All mobile communication sources have been blocked and ‘network’ has become ‘notwork’. I cannot communicate with my friends and relatives to wish them today. There is heavy security personal presence in all public places and some roads are blocked for VIP movement.

 It seems as if every body is somewhat scared and over cautious. Is this called independence? Definitely this was not for what Pakistan was created. We have travelled a long way down the path of degradation. Who is responsible for this state of our failure? It must be looked into and the real causes be determined and addressed.

Blaring the National Anthem on TV followed by few patriotic songs is not enough. We must get down to serious business now to justify our independence. It is high time.

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