Increasing female suicide trend needs urgent attention

Dear Sir,
It is heartrending to note that quite often the news of a suicide incident of a young girl in Chitral makes headlines in the mainstream electronic and print media. The motive behind committing such gruesome acts varies in numerous cases but sometimes it remains shrouded in mystery. The Police attempt to investigate such incidents to find out the hidden motives but in certain instances their efforts do not bear fruitful results when the relatives of the victim hush up facts for fear of being stigmatized.? It is so unfortunate that the bereaved families are viewed with suspicion and the rumor mongers spin out concocted stories adding to their mental and psychological agonies.

?The preliminary findings into the increasing number of suicide cases in Chitral reveal that profound psychological distress arising out of domestic issues, abortive love affair and failure in examination are the commonly known factors pushing individuals into the valley of death. As a result, the teenage girls could not stand the traumatic situation and take their lives with their own hands ostensibly to free themselves from the severe mental agony. The loss of life by committing suicide is so devastating that it not only claims the life of an individual but its impact on the entire family is last lasting and psychologically painful. The stigma of it remains and the victim?s family carries it along the entire life in the midst of a senseless and apathetic society.

The cultural onslaught has brought in drastic changes in the mode of life style in Chitral. The austerity that used to be the hallmark of Chitrali people is giving way to a rather ostentatious way of living. The Bollywood movies and Indian songs have made our young generation frenzied with fantasies and fashion craze and libidinous inclinations. Faking for a Bollywood hero the young boys pose dare-devils and perform dangerous stunts on motorbikes to attract the opposite sex. A girl is on the look out to find a perfect match and once she finds a guy of the fantastic stature of Bollywood movie hero she erroneously presumes that this macho man is the one who could possibly be her life partner. The love affair between the two love birds kicks off henceforth and secret meetings and long talks on mobile phones late into the night become a routine affair. The tragedy happens when the boy reveals that all his promises of love had been unfounded and flirtatious.

Likewise, it is unwise to have too many expectations from one?s kids and siblings. It becomes distressful for them when they fail to come up to the expectations of their elders. Many a time the children are pressed hard by parents to score highly in the examination and bring laurels. Sometimes it so happens that the target set by parents and relatives is not achieved and it becomes a cause of irritation and agony for the young mind. He/she feels embarrassed and disgraced in his/her own eyes and in front of friends and relatives. In consequence of this, His/her youthful thoughts turn into wild instincts that drive him/her crazy to the extent that he/she is compelled to terminate his/her life. Sanity must prevail, the kids must not be burdened with what that can lead to disastrous consequences.

Domestic violence is yet another catalytic agent which gives rise to suicide incidents in Chitral. Lack of intolerance and egoistic tendencies inside a household can make life a real mess. The tense relations between female members of a family over petty issues if not handled properly by the housekeeper could possibly blow out of proportion. The daughter-in-law in our society is the most looked down upon member of the household and in most cases she bears the brunt of all ill-treatment meted out to her by the rest of the female members. If she happens to be of weak nerves, she does what the rest of suppressed and depressed girls do in Chitral. The need of the hour is that we did away with the root causes of suicide in Chitral. ..?Khalid Pervaiz Raza,?Booni Chitral, 30 Sep 2017

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12 thoughts on “Increasing female suicide trend needs urgent attention

  1. My suggestion to Pervez Khan Rizai is take some practical steps instead giving lectures. It is not a first year class. What practical steps you have taken as a resident of Booni when you heard of girl committing suicide at Awi? You did nothing. You could have done alot to bring the culprits to book. You could have taken out a protest rally. You could have shut down the dusty bazar of Booni to pressure the admin, the local MPA and other so-called rights activists. But you didn’t because people like you are good for nothing. It is of no use to shed crocodile teats in over a hundred words lengthy letter. Do something practical buddy instead acting like a pseudo scholar. And yes one thing more we have also seen some cruel bhabis who are often seen treating their sister in laws like lowgrade human beings. Better weigh your words next time before shooting any biased crap.

  2. The situation needs prompt precautionary measures to be taken to discourage the rising trend of suicide in females. Last week, I attended a marriage ceremony of my relative in town area of Chitral. I witnessed some luxurious items of dowry which I had never seen or heard in Chitral. On my inquiry, I was told that the demand list was put up by the “Bride” who threatened her rich father to jump over in the riven if the demand is not fulfilled. In such cases, the parents are compelled to fulfill the requirement of their daughters otherwise they would have to bear the consequences. Obviously, the civil administration is helpless to combat the vicious trend in our society. In this regard, subsequent to the parents responsibility, the educational institutions, the teachers and Ulema are the best medium of teaching the teenagers in the light of Islamic teachings.

  3. Dear editor…these are social responsibilities of every sensible citizen..the trend in our country is,,a BIG ME,,is the nucleus and around every effort oscillates/circulate around me,my home,my family,my house,my this admixture of me and my these problem will keep on swell ….how much time we give for national cause,,,how many time we thing of our fellow citizens,how much time we give as a volunteer ,how much time we spend to think about this country(the national cuase) how much time we give to nation building,how much time we give to much we work to alleviate poverty..the one sentence formula is be a God fearing creature,execute your responsibilities as a citizen of this country…do more for others than your self…..see with the passage of time all these suicides/homicidal figures will come down along with other good parameters for a prosperous index improvement of this great country…thanks for the contributes…BUILD YOUR COUNTRY YOUR HOME WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE BUILT…..

  4. Wow Dr Karim I am SO IMPRESSED of you. What ideas you had. You put all the blame on the society. What are you doing in your capacity as a community leader, as a doctor, as a patent, as a Chitrali, as an influential chap as in charge of a state of the art hopice (BMC Booni).? To be frank you do nothing. Zero. Woh kehte hein na guftaar ke ghazi wohi wala kaam ap ker rehe ho. You simply do experiment. You treat all the patients with a stomach pain as heart patients. Don’t you? Your doctors shout at patients having psychological issues and the funds for treatment of the poor mental patients are going to wasted due to lack of planning. Instead of treating a patient you give advise to have ‘karee, logaanu, shira shapic, shoshptiki, etc.” And the Council comprising the so-calked volunteers is nothing but a bunch of dramas who enjoy sunbath in winter while in summer they could be seen praising their cotton clothes and ready made third class pantaloon because in Booni wearing pant is perhaps considred to be a so-called elite. Again this is nothing but backwardness. You are an MBBS doctor Mr Karim and you must not talk nonsense. Half of the patients in Chitral are dying due to negligence of you people. An oddinary MBBS who knows nothing beyond theory treats a patients like “tayit korak”. This is the standard of Chitrali doctors. Not a single one of you have command over your area of studies. You are no exception Dr Karim. The people who lost their lives at your hospital due to negligence of you medics will never forgive you at the day of judgement.

  5. It is purely a subject matter of Psychoanalyst. Nowadays, suicide a universal issue not specific to district Chitral. However, in our beloved District Chitral, a recent access to media and the utilization of ubiquitous cell phones limelights the issue readily. Now, it is the responsibility of the District Administration -cum-Health Department concerned to constitute a high-level Committee of exports (Psychologists) to expose the root causes of this issue. The writer seems literary figure has singled out some points in a pedantic attention, which is appreciable but critics should put forth their point-of-views in befitting manners rather than to find fault with each other.

  6. Dear Editor…this topic was to draw attention to wards a problem highlighted..but strange to know that one my sister has left no stone unturned to declare a personal war on my opinion sent on related topic on the best interest of our society….there were nothing insulting in comments..yes I believe and have experience at large in societal issue of this area and the younger ..The AKHSP is addressing this issue for the last many years and we are conducting e psychiatry clinic(tele psychiatry from Booni for the last one and half years and regularly conducting mental health clinics…no doubt Tayit has a role a scientific role in dealing and treating some of these ailments..yes in practicing modern medicine you have to investigate a possible and impending heart attach while treating stomach pain…I advise my sister please do,t be emotional if you are dealing/writing to improve or to help the young generation…..As for as my credential is concerned the writer( my sister Zarina) has very poor level of information,,I have been trained in Aga Khan university hospital in my basic area of studies and have under gone so many times of refresher certified in air ambulance operation from university of Surrey London UK with distinction,and to name a few to my credits….but still believe in Tayit and taveez and so many traditional dishes of Chital and yes I discourage the substandard food in the form of chips/kolfi/ice cream/and injected chickens and adulterated juices/cold drinks etc tec..which have no doubt damaged the health of so many people.

    I am extremely sorry if any word in my previous and in recent article is again harming your emotions particularly…

  7. An MBBS doctor from Chitral who claims to be qualified from a top British school besides undergoing numerous training from AKUH Karachi recommends his patients to see tayit korak. What a doctor. What a training. What a motivation. What an advise. Shell SHOCKED, honestly. If an educated man who is still living in the stone age, can refer his patients to a tayit korak, what to talk of an illiterate man or woman who completely relies on fraudsters who befool innocent people. Fair enough respectable Dr Karim, if you think witch-crafting and medicine are inevitable to each other, you must hire the services of some tayit korak at your hospital. And then we will certainly recommend your name for Guinness Book of world record that a Chitrali doctor has given up on his psychological patients and has now started getting the services of tayit korak. It is not only strange rather unbelievable to hear from a doctor. Forget about an MBBS, even quack will not give such an advise. I hold up my hands, as these local doctors are INCORRIGIBLE. May Allah have mercy on us.
    FOOTNOTE: I know Dr Karim very well. He is a wonderful human being. But what he has said here especially his witch-crafting philosophy, left me shell shocked. No offence Dr Karim, but the truth. Cheers!

  8. Thank you sir the editor CN .com, and my sister Zarina…this debate has almost pushed the core topic to a dark corner really..I surrendered to Zarina sahiba and congrats for your victory..Really failed to understand this behavioral psychological science of this type of verbal war on true expectation of any worthwhile outcome is thinning out.I request from my inner heart to Zarina my respected sister to send me her e-mail address ,cell phone if do,t mine so that i can learn much from you…. sorry for any toxic or inflammatory or any traumatic words….God bless.

  9. Zarina Riazuddin is filled with hatred against those who voice their concerns about social issues on the social media. The way she has cast aspersions on the credibility of a renowned physian of AKHSP amply demonstrates that she happens to be afflicted with some acute mental ailment and needs proper counselling/treatment by a phycologist/phychiatrist. We cannot expect such behavioral anamoly from a normal human being. Instead of participating in a public discource with cogent arguments or counter aguments s
    he has deliberately detracted from the topic under discussion and has tried to sully the image of this writer and a popular health practitioner. Zarina seems to me to be a person of dubious character. Instead of acting like a transvestite , she should disclose her identity and behave like a normal human being. Unless she disloses her identity, she does not deserve to be treated as a normal human being. Her comments are a mere trash and require to be consigned to the dust bin.

  10. Excuse me gentleman…you MUST not cross the limits. Before accusing me of being a transvestite, you must learn how to use the word properly. I really feel for the students who had no option but to go to the school where craps likes you are imparting educations. The way you have launched a personal attack on me after finding no answer to my questions, reflects your mindset.
    Whatever I have stated about you and your medics is just a tip of the iceberg. Don’t force me to spill the beans as I am not a burqa-clad miskeen typical Chitral girl…meri teri eent se eent baja dungi! I standby whatever I have said about you and your so called specialist medics. And this what the majority says about these medics.
    Ask the doctor for whom you are all praise that how many victims barged into into office after their near and dear ones were killed due to negligence of his untrained mere MBBS medics. If you wanna hear something else, I will narrate everything by one by one. The social media is not POST OFFICE and you must stop acting like a POST MASTER.

  11. Dear editor …kindly close this chapter..after all it is leaving the tract away..if these words of war and exchange of blame game continuous,I will sign off permanently from your site ..please accept my apology..

  12. As the discussion is levitating towards personal attacks and words are getting harsher and harsher with each post, we regret that the discussion stands closed. We apologize to those who have written posts recently which could not be published. — Editor

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