Incomplete Chitral bazar byepass road deteriorating fast

Chitral — The Chitral bazar byepass road which has been built after a delay of 40 years, is left incomplete to face the same fate as of other projects in Chitral. The byepass road side nullas are breaking up and the black top is giving in at different places. There is no arrangement for the underground electric wiring and street lights etc for which heavy amount of money had been allocated. People from all walks of life have demanded immediate attention towards the completion of the byepass road so that people can benefit from this 50 ft wide road which is the ‘highway’ in Chitral but elsewhere it would just be a lane. — CN report, 23 Sep 2016

2 thoughts on “Incomplete Chitral bazar byepass road deteriorating fast

  1. Attitude of District administration towards this issue is also agonizing and extremely pathetic. People of Chitral expectations eroding from DC Chitral who is young and energetic officer and he promised in his radio address to the people of Chitral to ensure early completion of the project for facilitating people of the area. As we have no expectation either from our political leaders who are busy in transfers of government servants instead of focusing developmental projects or C&W department which is busy in collection of commission from contractors and DC Chitral was single ray of hope but his performance also disappointed people of the area in case of By-Pass road completion. People of Chitral also fully understand that KP, PTI government almost neglected District Chitral and busy in Dharna politics and we pray Almighty Allah to provide heavenly help for the rescue of Chitrali people from the agonies in which they are involved.

  2. I think the district government and DC Chitral has focus on this issue. When I visited Chitral last year, I thought if the government will invest some amount of money to plant green trees and some flowers beside this bypass road then it will look much better. There is no need of huge investment, DC can himself do it and the people of Chitral will remember him for all time.

    Now when I hear about the condition of the road, it is pathetic. Honestly speaking, we Chitralies have been neglected for long time. I hope the District Government, DC and PTI government will focus on this issue. Making Chitral town better will defiantly help to earn revenue for entire Chitral… if any tourist come they first see the capital of the District… Hope it will be addressed…

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