Is inauguration of tunnel more important or it’s usage by travelers?

Dear Sir,
I fail to understand why is the Lowari tunnel not being opened for travelers on daily basis when the pass has blocked. Is formal inauguration by the prime minister more important or usage by thousands of stranded travelers every day carries more weight.

The Chowni bridge in Chitral town was started and finished in a few months by Japanese without any inauguration or completion ceremony. One fine day vehicles were using the bridge, no formal ceremony, no pm, no cm, no mna, no mpa, no nazim, no nonsense only work and it’s practical result.

There is no harm if the tunnel opening ceremony is delayed or not held at all but it is important that travelers are allowed to use the tunnel every day from dawn to dusk during these three months. Work inside the tunnel can be carried out at night while work outside the tunnel can carry on during the day.

There is no rocket science involved in this. Nor do you have to be intelligent to understand it. Only reason is?the spineless representatives who can’t take a stand as much like the people who elect them.?— Shareef Ahmad, Chitral 12 Dec 2016.

6 thoughts on “Is inauguration of tunnel more important or it’s usage by travelers?

  1. I am terribly distressed whenever I hear news like ‘stranded passengers were allowed through the tunnel on special instructions of so and so’, etc. Here I would like to quote a synonymity to our condition from a page of history:

    During the Soviet dictatorship of Stalin, he (Stalin) came to one Politburo meeting with a live chicken. He started to pluck its feathers one by one off.

    The chicken quacked in pain, blood oozing from its pores. It gave out heartbreaking cries but Stalin continued without remorse plucking feather after feather until the chicken was completely naked. After that, he threw the chicken on the ground and from his pockets, took out some chicken feed and started to throw it at the poor creature. It started eating and as he walked away, the chicken followed him and sat at his feet feeding from his hand.

    Stalin then told members of his party leadership “This chicken represents the people, you must disempower them, brutalise them, browbeat them and leave them. If you do this and then give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for the rest of their life. They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget that, it is you who brought them to that situation in the first place.”
    Does this resemble the situation we Chitralis are in?

  2. Very True Sir. We are being treated like ‘animals’ and the corrupt leaders are least bothered about our plight and miseries. When a journalist (Hamid Mir) was shot in Karachi and hospitalised, the Prime Minister of Pakistan made a special visit to Karachi to see him. We have lost about two dozens of our most valuable and beloved people to the plane crash which the PM should take some responsibility for, but not even a Minister from Islamabad would visit Chitral to console with the bereaved families. What does this reflect? The leaders do not consider us (half a million people) as worthy as a single journalist. Hamid Mir was alive and out of danger – but we have lost our people for ever. Does the PM or his Ministers even care about it? I do not think so…

  3. Yes Sir, I agree with you Mr. Fida. Today, the media is more powerful then the ruling party. In my opinion, the media is the most corrupt, blackmailer and Bhatta Khor. Many of the anchor persons who are so called intellectuals and popular analyst of re-known T.V. channels are well known to me. About 15-20 years back, one of them was carrying out Bar-B-Q service in an open space at Model Town Gol Chakkar Lahore. But today he is called the most intellectual and popular analyst in a re-known T.V channel. He prepares Q & A himself and provides a copy to his co-anchor (female). He looks like the most genious person of this country. More than one time, he claimed that we are a crowd and not a nation. No one of us all commented in taunting manner on his rubbish remarks. Similarly, another anchor person has own planes to travel from one city to another. He is neither an industrialist nor a stock broker. What is the source of his income to afford the plane except unfair means. Another surgeon Doctor has preferred to adopt the journalism instead of his real profession for which the government has also contributed huge amount for his study.
    Therefore, every government and the elected representatives feel uneasiness to face the powerful media. In my opinion, only one leader is “CORRUPTION FREE” and that is Mr. Khan.

  4. There are some allied problems related to the opening tunnel on permanent basis. Timeline, payments and most imprtant of all to advertise their achievement

    1. “advertise their achievement”! You call this achievement where a two year project is still dangling incomplete after 11 years, and to top it travelers are being inconvenienced one way or the other on one pretext or the other. The Lowari tunnel project is a big blot on the name of South Korea. As for NHA, the lesser said the better.

  5. Since Lowari Tunnel is going to be final touching hence no need of overflow of emotions and political tilts because haste makes waste, we have to wait till June, 2017. After that any ifs and buts arises, then we have to take a harsh step. In this stage just wait because our both provincial law makers are good-for-nothing neither we have any expectation from Khan Sb.

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