Inappropriate flight timing adversely affects Chitral flights

Chitral: The Islamabad Chitral PIA flights are being scheduled late in the day which causes many cancellations due to weather deteriorating later in the day in the mountainous region.

As per basic meteorological rules, best time for flights to northern areas are early in the morning when weather is usually clear and flight cancellation due to weather factor is minimum. Earlier this used to be the practice and is still the practice for Gilgit and Skardu flights, but Chitral flights have been relegated to later part of the day at times as late as 3’oclock in the afternoon which makes the flight irregular and unreliable.

There are already only two flights per week to Chitral and that too in the afternoon. This is sheer being unfair to Chitral. PIA management is requested to readjust the schedule of Chitral flights to operate from Islamabad at 7’o clock in the morning as was the practice for decades. The number of flights per week should be increased to at least three a week against the present two flights.

It may be note that the fare from Islamabad to Chitral has also been increased to a whooping Rs 10000/- one way, which may very well? be one of the highest per nautical miles fare in the world.??.. CN report, 21? Jun 2018

One thought on “Inappropriate flight timing adversely affects Chitral flights

  1. I went to PIA head office in Islamabad to book a seat to Chitral but was told that no seats were available on my desired flight. I went to a travel Agency next door and promptly got a confirmed seat for the same flight. PIA is a pain in the neck. We should have private airlines operating on this route as soon as possible to end this unholy monopoly.

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