In Memory of Maj Geoffrey Douglas Langlands

I first met Major (retd) Geoffrey Douglas Langlands under the Chinar tree at the Mountain Inn Chitral, 24 years ago where he was waiting for me. After a brief introduction, he told me that he had come to Chitral to head the Sayurj Public School, now Langlands School and College. In that conversation, he expressed his intention for his services for the education upliftment of the underdeveloped areas in Pakistan. I asked him about his family and he replied that all the students that he had taught are like his own children and are his family. He also shared his stories of mountaineering. He had undertaken trekking with his students and later showed the video recordings of his travel. A request is to keep these videos safe. I was one of the founding member of the Sayurj Public School now Langlands School and College as well as a member of Board of Governors. The Deputy Commissioner Mr. Javed Majeed at the time who founded the school was looking for an extraordinary person who could set great examples. Major (retd) Geoffrey Douglas Langlands was indeed that person. Being a Britisher, he opted to stay in Pakistan and dedicated his life for educating the future generation of Pakistan. We are indebted to him for his services and today all his students are remembering him and his great services.

In short, I had a deep connection with Major Langlands. He was a very honest and straightforward person. He did a lot for the development of the Langland School and College. He often used to come to my house for dinner. He also had come many times with his students to my village house Pasum, Mastuj to see the Shandur Festival. Once he came to my house with his twin brother. I was not able to identify Mr. GD. Langlands and after great laughter he identified himself. We are also indebted to the authorities of Aitcheson College Lahore for taking good care of him during the last years of his life. We have lost our true friend. He lived a meaningful life. The people of Pakistan and particularly the people of Chitral lost their loyal friend. I pray that God Almighty may grant him eternal peace.? .. Sahib Nadir Khan,?Advocate High Court, Chitral 05 Jan 2019.

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  1. We just noticed the death of Major Langlands. What an amazing man he was. We both recall Mr Fardad taking us to visit his school at Chitral. He leaves a great legacy of input and selflessness. And congratulations to you being one of those who took up the role of encouraging and supporting him in the process of education for the young people of Chitral.
    Janna and Grant,
    Adelaide, Australia.

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