Imran Khan wins hearts through a passionate speech

Chitral: The matter of fact, down to earth speech of Imran Khan at the historic public meeting in Lahore has won him many a heart of even hitherto detractors. Pouring out his inner being, the PTI Chairman went passionately into details of his life story which effected his course of thinking and eventually persuaded him to join politics and do service to the people.

One may disagree with Imran Khan on many accounts but it is very difficult to not appreciate his sincerity of purpose and his desire to serve the nation unlike most other politicians whose end desire is to get into power one way or the other and they use different means to achieve this end. Compassion for the people is alien to most politicians while it was gleamingly radiating? from Imran Khan’s speech.

Imran Khan’s eleven point manifesto looked balanced and practical. Other political parties hardly talk about their manifesto (if at all they have one).

Whereas there are no doubts left about the commitment of Imran Khan to deliver to the nation if given a chance, what is to be seen is whether he will be able to walk his talk staying within the existing system which is the biggest hurdle in the way of any one’s sincere intentions to deliver. .. CN report, 30 Apr 2018

2 thoughts on “Imran Khan wins hearts through a passionate speech

  1. Loved it when he said “I will fight for my goals to serve the people to the last drop of my blood”. Which other politician can show such conviction? Long live Imran Khan.

  2. Compassion towards fellow human beings is rare in Pakistan. Imran khan is a genuine soul and a rare breed in Pakistan.

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