Imran Khan visits Chitral, announces new district

Chitral .. Chairman PTI Imran Khan and Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak announced a new district for Chitral. Addressing a huge public meeting at the Chitral polo ground, Chairman PTI said due to the extended length of Chitral district and difficulties of people in travelling large distances to reach government offices for their jobs, the new district had become necessary and he congratulated the Chitrali people for their dream realised. Chairman PTI stressed upon the importance of Local bodies and said if PTI comes to power it will improve upon the present local bodies system and conduct direct election for District Nazim.?Chairman PTI said education, environment, accountability would be his party’s priority after coming to power.

People had turned up in large numbers to attend the public meeting specially from upper Chitral who would be direct beneficiaries of the new district .. CN report, 08 Nov 2017

One thought on “Imran Khan visits Chitral, announces new district

  1. Imran Khan made a historical announcement of creating a new district in Chitral and the people of Chitral rightfully thank him for this. However in his speech there were two things that confused me. First, he said the Local Govt system was the most important institution for development of the country and he would strengthen the LG system when he comes to power. The question is; He is in power since last four years in KP. The LG system has been the weakest amongst all previous LG systems. Merely electing people at grass root level without giving them any authority is cruelty with the system and that is what has happened. The district nazim , tehsil nazim etc were not present in his Jalsa. If district nazim is elected directly how does it ensure that the best person will be elected. The MNAs and MPAs are directly elected. Are they the best people? How can one believe his claim after seeing a performance like this.
    Secondly, he said he would set up a powerful and independent accountability system when he comes to power. Well said, but what happened to the accountability system in KP? No accountability has been seen after the initial spurge by a DG accountability who started boldly but had to make a hasty retreat into resignation and that was the end about accountability.
    The opportunity in KP was a litmus test for IK. In whatever fields he did well here he can repeat in the Federal government, but where he failed in KP, he cannot be expected to perform better in Federal govt because the pressures which he quotes for failure in KP will be magnified when he becomes Prime minister.

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