Imran Khan to make an important announcement in Chitral today

Chitral : Chairman Pakistan Tehrik Insaf, the ruling party of KPhyber Pukhtunkwa province, along with the Chief minister of the province Pervez Khattak, is scheduled to visit Chitral today 08 Nov 2017 and address a public meeting at the polo ground in the afternoon. The public meeting is anticipated with much enthusiasm as the Chairman PTI through his Chief Minister is all set to announce the restoration of the erstwhile Mastuj district, which means the present Chitral district will become two districts.

The? appreciation of the proposed announcement is so profound that a senior worker of another political party disclosed to CN without any condition of anonymity that if it happens he will vote for PTI in the next elections despite being member of the ANP. The reason he quoted was that his two daughters and sons who have completed education are sitting jobless at home and the new district will offer them opportunity to get employment.

People also anticipate the inflow of government funds for the new district which will benefit the people in general. The collateral benefit of IK visit has been the intense cleaning of Chitral town Bazaars by the administration led by the energetic Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodher. There is an atmosphere of festivity in the Bazars as people from upper Chitral have poured in to hear the announcement of their heart’s desire.. CN report, 08 Nov 2017

2 thoughts on “Imran Khan to make an important announcement in Chitral today

  1. The gentleman who expressed his decision to vote for PTI depicts the mindset of the average political leader/worker/voter, who do not vote for manifestos but for immediate personal gains. If he had appreciated PTI’s implementation of NTS system, hospital reforms, school reforms, police reforms, forestation drive, etc, it was understandable, but just making a political flip to get his children employed means this country needs to mature.

  2. IK is a visionary leader. He realized the gravity of the situation faced by the people of Chitral and rightly decided to bifurcate the district into two. The people of Chitral will reciprocate this goodwill gesture by voting the PTI candidates into power in the upcoming general elections. The Chitralis never abandon their benefactors in times of need.

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