Important relief step during Ramzan being ignored

CHITRAL: The provincial government of KP, through the divisional and district administrations is planning to give relief to people during the month of Ramzan. Working hours in offices would be reduced, subsidy on certain food items at utility stores would be provided, free dastarkhwans at a couple of places would be set up according to the relief plans. All these are good gestures to welcome Ramazan, but one very important and direly needed relief facility is being ignored.

Before Zia’s Islamisation of Pakistan, restaurants on highways would be open for travellers. The sick, elderly, children, exempted women etc could avail such relief facility. In all muslim countries same is practiced even now. In Pakistan today everything to do with refreshments are shut including restaurants on highways which make travelling a torture during Ramzan. The government should categorically announce that eateries and rest facilities along roads and highways would remain open as permissible in Islam. Not availing the concessions and facilities granted by Allah Almighty is a sin.

We should accept reality and not try to be ‘holier than the pope’ in this matter, just because Ziaul Haq said so.. Hope the government would take note of this and make the due announcement of allowing restaurants and refreshment facilities remain open for travellers, in Ramazan as per the allowance granted in Sharia laws. . .. CN report, 06 Mar 2022

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  1. Fully agree with . Proper arrangements are compulsorily required for the Sick travellers, children , elderly people and women etc

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