IMF not sincere with Pakistan?

CHITRAL: No doubt the IMF is giving loans frequently to Pakistan on the latter’s request but the conditions it puts for giving these loans are not sincere and honest. The IMF always insists on raising the price of electricity, basic essentials, fuel and other commodities which mostly affect the poor class.

The IMF has never imposed any condition on the government to reduce the luxuries and overhead privileges enjoyed by the ruling class- the non developmental budget of the government, reduce the non operational budget of the armed forces, reduce the highly inflated size of the government, monetise the pension system and other such measures that can greatly improve the health of our economy.

The IMF closes it’s eyes on the blatant frittering away of the loan it gives, and only puts pressure on the poor consumer class who are barely making ends meet. It should reconsider it’s policy for Pakistan and address it fairly and intelligently if it want’s Pakistan to actually benefit from the loans it frequently gives. .. CN report, 18 May 2022

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