Illogical delay in the execution of mini projects

It has been surprising for the public and many of the expected beneficiaries of the small projects that were planned by the members of Villages Councils of? Chitral districts. The schemes had been advertised last year- in November, December and were processed under codal formalities and the successful Contractors were issued Work? Order as per rule which extended into late December 2016 and owing to extreme cold in the upper Chitral valleys the Contractors concerned hesitated to commence work as the days had shortened and temperature fell to minus degree celcious so no project was properly initiated. It was expected by the potential beneficiaries to get the schemes ready for launching in March 2017 but this is the last week of March and no contractor has reached the site assigned to him according to his success in the Tender Process.

During winter the winner contractors belonging to lower Chitral area had sold their schemes to other contractors belonging to upper Chitral valleys especially to those who belonged to the target areas and in lieu of that got some amount of money viz. the actual Fund was further reduced in the hands of the new sub contractor and these sub ?contractors have so far not reached the sites to meet the? would be beneficiaries to locate the site effected, as most of these schemes are either damaged road, irrigation Channels or protection walls on the banks of the rivers and these rivers shall flow in the present volume till the end of April , and after that the rivers will rise and? any construction work on the banks of the rivers to construct the damaged sections of the water channels will become? difficult. These works need to be started right now, without delay.

The same is the case with the schemes projected by CDLD for rehabilitation of the damaged infrastructure in various parts of Chitral that still stand waiting for execution.? The criteria of CDLD? is appreciable? as all its fund is spent under the VO and all the fund goes to the project directly without any deduction? as commission. It is a well tuned mechanism. These? small schemes of public interest should be given urgent status and work must begin immediately? in the early months of spring and delay is not in the interest of the communities concerned? or the? project site itself as another rise of the river will further damage the affected sections and redouble the cost that will be beyond the mandate of the contractor concerned. I, therefore, request the Deputy Commissioner Chitral to take notice of the delay by the contractors concerned and take immediate action to make them start their projects all over the district. The contractor community has acquired? skills to mislead the? supervisory staff and this must not be allowed to create hurdles in the early execution of? these schemes. ..?Prof Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 21 may 2017

2 thoughts on “Illogical delay in the execution of mini projects

  1. Why say mini projects only? The appropriate heading should be “Illogical delay in the execution of All projects”

  2. The main reason of unnecessary delay in execution of small local projects included in the planning of local government representatives of Tehsi and District level. According to the system, the funds are allocated through the concerned Ministries and MPAs in Provincial Assembly. But unfortunately, the crazy people pf KPK Government are hesitated to release the funds to the lower formation of grass root level for the reason best known to them. . They don’t care for the welfare of Chitrali people regardless with the weather situation and specific environment of Chitral. On the other hand, the Chairman PTI, Mr. Imran Khan poses objection finger on the other provincial governments. This is not fair. Imran Khan is supposed to bring a change in KPK but he is also believed in status quo.

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