If Ramazan has not, Corona can not teach us any lesson either

CHITRAL: Every year Muslims observe a month of fastening. This is an ultimate exercise in discipline and forbearance, which the muslims undertake religiously in the literal sense of the word. Restraining from eating or drinking water in summers is no easy a thing to do, but we do it. We stay disciplined throughout the month in this respect. Why is fasting an obligatory ritual in Islam? It is basically to instill discipline and sacrifice in muslims. Unfortunately we do not gain anything from month long fasting, by way of discipline. Immediately after the end of fasting month we are back to one normal.

Similarly Coronavirus has tried to teach us many lessons for our life. Some of which are; to slow down the pace of our lives, to instill discipline in our everyday affairs, to live simply and austerely, to give nature and the environment a chance to breathe etc. However it is not difficult to say with certainty that as soon as the Coronavirus threat subsides, life will return to ‘more of the same’ mode which we were in before the lockdown..

Human beings in general and Muslims in particular need a general overhaul of concepts and lifestyles. Learning from own mistakes and still better, learning from others mistakes should be taught to us in whatever way it can be done.  .. CN report, 24 May 2020

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