Hyper inflation and poor tourism business has badly affected Chitralis.

CHITRAL: This year the number of tourists visiting Chitral have shown a marked decrease compared to previous years. Hotels are mostly empty and tourist transport business has also been badly affected due to absence of both local and foreign tourists. The kalash valleys which would be brimming with tourists at this time of the year also given barren looks, except for few tourists including motor cyclists mostly youngsters on budget trips looking for dormitories or cheap tented accommodation.

The general condition of tourism in the northern part of KP province has been adversely affected due to floods and road blockages, but Chitral has outdone most areas in poor performance of tourism business.

The local population is also hard pressed due to hyper inflation and only businesses giving away their wares on installments are doing somewhat Ok. Amongst the banks those giving loans against salaries are faring somewhat better. The tiny real estate business also is in a slump according to those dealing in it. .. CN report, 09 Sep 2022


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