Hunza valley becomes Asia?s first plastic free zone

Hunza Valley has become Pakistan?s first plastic-free area and district ? Malik Amin Aslam.

PTI Govt. is planning to replicate the success of the project in other provinces.

?Hunza district has been declared a plastic-free zone while on the other hand Hunza valley has become the first district in Asia to be plastic-bag free,? said Aslam. ?The people of Hunza deserve congratulations for implementing the ban. I hope they will continue cooperating with the administration to keep the city clean and free of plastic bags,?

By implementing this law, now Plastic bag use is a punishable offence in Hunza
Around 10,000 cloth bags are being distributed during a ceremony in Altit Hunza.

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3 thoughts on “Hunza valley becomes Asia?s first plastic free zone

  1. It is not because of the govt or anything like that. It is because the Hunza people religiously follow the instructions of their spiritual leader HH the Aga Khan who not only emphasises on discipline and cleanliness but has also instructed them to get serious about education which has turned around the social and economic condition of the Ismaili people for the better

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