Huge savings on avoidable habitual expenditures recorded in Corona times

CHITRAL: Huge savings on avoidable extravagant expenditures have been recorded ever since the practice of lock down due to the Coronavirus threat commenced. The middle class and above have been the most benefited due to Coronavirus restrictions. Some avenues of savings at the individual level that have come about during this time? are? as follows:

  1. Expenses on fuel in cars which were lavishly and indiscriminately used by have reduced a lot. This is a big saving not only to the individual but for the country as well.
  2. Binge shopping expenses have reduced drastically.especially in the groceries section, where compulsive buying mainly by ladies was quite a burden on the family budget.
  3. Buying of cosmetics particularly by women folk has reduced a lot, as staying home without visitors expected, has dampened the urge of women to spend on makeup and cosmetics, some of the higher income class who would be visiting beauty parlors almost on daily basis.
  4. Expenditure on visiting religious shrines and performing Umra etc multiple times which in Pakistan amounts to billions of rupees has been saved.
  5. Marriages and other functions have been conducted in a sober and humble manner by even those who would have otherwise been paying millions to the wedding halls, let alone other wasteful expenditures in the context.
  6. ?Unnecessary travelling and holidaying abroad has been curtailed saving millions on individual level and foreign exchange for the country.
  7. Expenditure on compulsive eating out in restaurants on the slightest pretext has been saved for individual

The above were some of the monetary savings that individuals have accrued due to the ‘stay put’ policy adopted the world over and in Pakistan in the wake of the virus threat. Hope, when the threat is over God willing), people will not revert to their default settings, but instead learn some positive lessons from the crisis.? .. CN report, 06 Apr 2020

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