How would the world be today, if there were no wars in history?

It would be a wonderful attempt by Hollywood to make a film on the visualised theme of the world today had there been no devastating wars since beginning of recorded history.

Wars: Devastation Assured

Recently the findings in the Indus valley archeological sites pointed to a civilisation 3000 years ago which was very much advanced with cities having sewerage systems and toilets that many areas in India Pakistan and some African countries don’t have even today. The only thing noticeably missing from the findings were weapons or instruments of battles and wars. However later wars came in and brutality destroyed an advanced civilisation.

Like wise the Roman wars, Helenic wars, the Chinese conquests, the Mongol devastation of culture and knowledge houses in Baghdad, the Napoleonic wars, the subcontinent invasions, the world wars, to name just a few unfortunate chapters of history, that turned back the wheels of civilisation. The vast many misadventures of humankind in internecine large scale killings and devastations constitutes too long a list to mention here.

A hypothetical picture of the world as it would be today had these wars not occurred, could make a very interesting theme for a high budget Hollywood movie which will not only prove a block buster for the viewers but could also show the way to the managers of today’s world, how to mend their ways, learning from history. .. CN report, 17 Jan 2021.

2 thoughts on “How would the world be today, if there were no wars in history?

  1. If wars did not plague history, humankind would be in an advanced stage. Maybe we would have been populating other planets by now.

  2. I recommend a book titled * space age science, stone age politics* by John Erring.. depicting such situations.
    @ Fatimi sahib: Thankyou- Editor

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