How to solve the chronic problem of celebrating Eid on different days

Chitral: This time again Eid ul Fitr was celebrated on two different days in Pakistan, which is a very poor example of muslim unity. The Central Eid sighting committee decreed to continue fasting, while the Peshawar based unofficial committee decided to celebrate Eid a day earlier which was followed by a large number of people in the region. This chaotic situation occurs on almost every Eid occasion whether it be Eid ul Azha or Eid ul Fitr as it so occurs at the time of announcement of Ramazan.

Every Eid the topic of moon sighting confusion is a favourite drawing room conversation topic. Why should it continue like this? and for how long will it continue like this? Some people suggest assigning the task to the Meteorological department while others say the religious clerics are the right people to announce this. For a moment, let us say we accept the second option and depend upon the religious clerics about this matter, then in the latest situation which cleric should have we followed, Mufti Munib or Molana Popalzai?, both giving diametrically opposite decisions. If we say that we should follow the national Ruet Hilal Committee then why not follow Macca (the epicenter of Islam) ruet Hilal decision, because in Islam there is no concept of countries with fixed geographical boundaries to confine moon sighting. The case of pre 1971 East-West Pakistan is an example when moon sighted in West Pakistan was followed by East Pakistan two thousand kilometers away,? or else, every region and district be allowed their own independent decision making in this regard.

By tagging to Macca for Ruet Hilal, the perpetual controversy of moon sighting in Pakistan will be solved once for all. We will not need scores of Ruet Hilal committees, the central, the regional, the district, the sub divisional committees, all not being necessarily on same grid. We will thus save on resources and confusion both.

The decision to follow the direction of Macca Muazma for Ramazan and Eid day declaration will end a repetitious controversy on every Eid and Ramazan. The decision, however should be taken by the interim government or any non elected government and not left to an elected government because any elected government would include religious elements who would not allow it — more for the disliking of Saudi Arabia than for the love of Islam. (a case of bughze muawiya rather than hubbe Hussain)?.. CN report, 16 Jun 2018

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  1. I agree with the writer. Either we follow Macca and Madina for moon sighting or else allow every district to follow their own Eid sighting decisions.

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