How to avoid a Sri Lanka like situation in Pakistan

CHITRAL: Pakistan is running close behind in the footsteps of Sri Lanka towards the finish line of Bankruptcy. How Sri Lanka reached the stage is quite similar to what Pakistan has been following, to reach the stage.

Corruption, nepotism, malgovernance, absence of accountability, apathy towards the country, may well be the reasons for Pakistan’s woes as for Sri Lanka’s woes, but the one thing that is the flashpoint which incites people to attack the president’s house and set fire to government buildings is the feeling of hatred and anger when people see government officials buzzing around in Luxury vehicles guzzling imported fuel with security guards in different equally expensive fuel blowing cars.

In order to avoid a Sri Lanka like situation where mobs attack government houses and government buildings out of despise, the government should immediately order parking all luxury and expensive government vehicles and provide the officials with low cost Pakistan made vehicles/motorbikes. This will be symbolic but very important to tell the people that the government is equally humbled along with people. .. CN report, 11 July 2022

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