How enemies of Islam are trying to weaken the roots of Muslims

Chitral: The potential adversaries of the Islamic faith have always looked for ways and means to weaken the faith of the followers.

After curbing the 1857 Muslim uprising against British imperialism, the English think tank put it’s heads together to plan ways to degrade the muslims so that they don’t rise again. Accordingly they recruited muslim clerics, paid them handsome salaries and asked them to only concentrate on prayers and rituals in their sermons and teachings and ignore the aspect of character building. The result was Muslims through the years though became particular about saying prayers but went adrift about adopting the strong character traits of a true muslim. Telling lies, cheating, hypocrisy, financial dishonesty unscrupulousness etc gradually became part of the new Muslim culture. The religious preachers kept emphasizing that if Muslims recite such and such verse from the Holy Quran or observe such and such ritual, their sins will be forgiven. This encouraged Muslims to commit sins which they believed would be easily pardoned by the afore-mentioned methods. Gradually we Muslims have ended up to be the most doubted and distrusted people world over.

Today when social Media is ruling the minds and souls of people, the same mission by the detractors of Islam has been effectively transferred onto Facebook, whatsapp etc which are doing their ‘job’ efficiently.

It is not unusual to see on daily basis posts quoting some religious figure or even fake Ahadees which proclaim that observing a certain ritual or reciting a certain Quranic verse will wash away your sins. Posts claiming that if you recite durood shareef once your thousands of sins will be pardoned, if you attend Jumma prayers and listen to Khutba carefully all your sins for the past one week will be pardoned, if you walk towards the mosque under every step sins will get brushed away etc etc. Even it has been heard from preachers saying that if a person recites Kalima Tayyaba once, his eight million sins will be pardoned.

With preaching like this how are Muslims expected to refrain from sins and develop sound character?

It is time Muslim clerics should be told to stop appeasing the followers by giving them ‘good news’ about their sins being pardoned so easily. Instead our preachers whether they be the mosque imam or the Tableeghi jamat activist should emphasize on the Quranic injunction that “Allah almighty shall not pardon sins against humanity (huqooq ul Ibaad) under any circumstances until the aggrieved person forgives” and no amount of recitations from the Holy book or rituals will help there.

The religious preachers if at all they want to give ‘good news’ and want to talk about forgivance of sins, should specify clearly that sins that can be forgiven through recitation from the Holy Quran or through rituals are sins related to Huqooq Allah e.g missing of prayers, missing fasting etc. No sin deliberately committed against Allah’s creatures shall be forgiven, it should be made clear.? .. CN Editorial, 16 Sep 2018


5 thoughts on “How enemies of Islam are trying to weaken the roots of Muslims

  1. Allah almighty bestowed upon our Holy Prophet (PBUH) the character traits of being Sadiq and Ameen (Righteous and Trustworthy), right from the time of his birth. It was based on these traits that at the age of 40 when he declared himself Prophet on the orders of Amighty Allah, people believed him owing to his record of being righteous and trustworthy.
    Such is the importance of being righteous and trustworthy, but our religious preachers totally ignore it. They do not think it necessary to preach the importance of it. They only are interested in preaching the ills of consuming alcohol and listening to music etc. No importance is given by them to preach living honest righteous and trustworthy lives. Their sermons begin with the importance of prayers behind the imam and end there. Nothing about character building is mentioned.

  2. It is a bitter fact that the whole world looks down upon us as being untruthful and untrustworthy. We can realise this when we apply for an entry visa to any country. It is high time we change the priorities of what is taught in mosques, madrassas, tableeghs and other religious institutions. We must put the importance of being honest, truthful and trustworthy on top of our sermons, as these were the primary character attributes of our beloved prophet and adopting these attributes is the best tribute to our prophet (PBUH).

  3. Why blame others and not ourselves ? Why?
    What is the Almighty’s (Allah) Command among the many? ” No soul shall carry the burden of another soul on Yaumulqiyahmuh. ”
    So why do the people at large look upon others ( Ulamah, political leaders) to do what is their responsibility.
    Let us take the case of a very popular habit rampant among us mankind. What habit? The Almighty has warned the faithfuls to steer clear of this habit time and again. This very popular habit is “Arrogance” i.e. boastfulness.
    Let us all search our souls and see as to how many times in just the last 24 hours we have been boastful in our thoughts, words and deeds. The other popular habit is “Avarice”.
    Both are obedience of Shaitan and both are poison for human relationship. It is behind the break up of marriages, brotherhoods, friendships and even leads nations to wars. Please please remember all the time to steer clear of arrogance and avarice as both are obedience of Shaitan.

  4. It is high time to reconstruct the very essential thought of obligation towards fellow men and the humanity as a whole moreover the primary function of Muslim Umma is to practically promote a distinct character in order to make non Muslims reconsider the basic philosophy of their own belief which shall naturally compel them either to combat Islam or approve it in both the cases Islam shall respond on it’s initial spirit of jehad

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